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There is something you do better than anyone else on the planet. Find that, and everything follows from there. In today’s global society, people are looking for spiritual, financial, and relationship fulfillment, in every direction they can think of. The self-help industry is a multibillion dollar business and religion, the original self-help methodology, offers some answers, but people continue to be unfulfilled, believing that the newest guru, the latest self-help technique or scientific breakthrough will help them find fulfillment. But the truth is simple:

God, Money, and Love are on your path– find it, and you find them all!


GAMBLER’S DHARMA includes anecdotes, stories, and Vedic astrology instruction in predicting sports outcomes. To qualify for your free dharma session, send a copy of your pre-order receipt to: siddhadeva@yahoo.com

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“Everyone is born with a purpose, in Sanskrit called Dharma. You have an individual dharma that you have to fulfill in order to find lasting happiness. Mother Theresa found hers in service, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in freeing others and reforming society, and finding your dharma too can lead you to personal fulfillment, not only in the areas of money, career, and relationships, but in your spiritual life as well.”

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What Shapes Say About Your Face & Home

Did you know that just by looking at someone’s face, you can tell whether they are travel-oriented or the stay-at-home kind. You can see if they are good with money or hopeless spenders; even whether [...]

The Real Meaning of “Ayu”

Having recently immersed myself in an Ayurvedic detox program, called "panchakarma" in Sanskrit (or "punch your karma" in Texas-speak), I had time to consider what Ayurveda is and isn’t. We’ve all heard that it’s the [...]

How Obama Led to Trump: A Dharma Perspective

The sages of ancient India discovered that all human beings come pre-wired with certain programming. Today this ‘inner code’ is called an archetype, or as I refer to it, your dharma type. Like your computer’s [...]

I invite you to find your dharma by availing yourself of the resources on this site. Take the free test here, or read my latest blogs on the dharma of the body and relationships. Listen to me describe the 5 Dharma Types in this Interview. To go deeper, get your copy of The Five Dharma Types Vedic Wisdom for Discovering Your Purpose & Destiny  or sign up for a one-on-one dharma consultation. Using  your date, time and place of birth, we will hone in not only on your Dharma Type, but the specific issues that you need to address right now in order to find and fulfill your dharma.  You can also listen to free interviews and leave comments – I’m happy to answer your questions. Whatever you choose to do, I hope to be of service.

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“This work has opened doors of insight and perception, letting me see our species in a fresh and hopeful light… I hope people will read this book more than once… and slowly”
Robin Gile, author, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Palmistry
“Simon Chokoisky’s The Five Dharma Types is a beautiful book! Reading it carefully will give you insight into your dharma, and help you heal your life!”         
Dr. Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, author, Ayurveda, the Science of Self Healing, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM

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