Hi everyone! My name is Simon,

I’ve authored books on DharmaSanskrit, and even Sports Astrology. I’ve taught year-long certifications and weekend seminars, but I’ve never done a course like this. That is because the power of sound is such a personal and life-changing force that it’s usually best-transmitted privately one-on-one. But I changed my mind after a client approached me with these words:‘Simon, this work has changed my life and the lives of my yoga students!’

Then it happened again… more testimonials from students who practiced the techniques outlined in this course… and I understood that I have to share this ancient wisdom with the world.

In THE SECRETS OF SACRED SOUND I share everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years of teaching and practice– short-cuts that work and dead-ends that don’t. How to use sound to manifest prosperity & love, and how to harness it to fulfill your spiritual goals. Here’s a sample of what we cover:

Class 1

– The best English mantra for materializing your wishes (and how to do it right)

-How to prepare (and what not to do) for your sacred sound practice (including yoga, breathwork, special uses for coffee, and more)

-The best times of day for maximum results

-The difference between out loud and silent practice

-The difference between Active and Passive Meditation

-The use of yantras and pictures for creating focus

-Introduction to Ganesha mantras (you probably don’t know half of these).

 In the classes that follow we will cover:

–How to customize a sacred sound mantra for yourself and clients based on thier Ayurvedic constitution and Vedic astrology

-Ganesha mantras continued

-Passive Meditation secrets

-A powerful mantra for difficult times

-How to use the Sanskrit alphabet- Introduction

– Seed sounds for healing and enlightenment

-How to use the Sanskrit alphabet- Advanced

-How to find the best sounds in your Vedic horoscope for naming a business, moving to a city, buying a car, and more

– How to use an ancient Vishnu chant to remedy afflicted planets in your chart

-How to harness the power of sound without doing anything (good for lazy bones like me)

-Specific mantras for Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva, Vishnu, Kali, and other HIndu deities

-Specific mantras for the planets

-The best days for fasting and special practices

-And much, much more!

 The full 7-week (plus) class is $495 and includes:

-PDF handouts

-Weekly live classes

-Private members area  you can access anytime (in case you missed the live class or just want to review)

-Two 30-minute bonus sessions with me

-Private Facebook group just for Sacred Sound students

-Lifetime access to all the material- including unlimited downloads.

-Certification of Completion. This will be required for future advanced courses

Date: Classes begin live on March 25, 2018 at 12:30 pm Phoenix, AZ time (MST).

My goal is to share maximum information within the capacity of the students and format. If for any reason you cannot pay the full amount, a payment plan is included below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at: dharmatypes@gmail.com

Installment Plan

Looking forward to seeing you all there!