Create a Workshop or Seminar at your Studio


Decoding Your Life Map With Vedic Astrology, I & II

1 and 2 day Seminar events for participants of all levels, includes free copies of charts, and interactive tools for immediate self-understanding. Contact for more information.


Sanskrit Without Tears   2 hour Introduction including history, pronunciation, and even making easy sentences! 1 and 2 day intensive includes how to make words from roots, philosophy, sentences made easy, proper pronunciation of commonly-used terms, and more! Contact for more information.


Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita  2 hour introduction and 1-day intensive. The history and purport of the Gita, Secret teachings for the Dharma Types. The Gita as a 9-Step model for success in any endeavour.  Contact for more information


Secrets of the Yoga Sutras  2 hour intensive for beginners to advanced students. Includes teachings rarely given in modern settings: the 5 states of mind, secret teachings for the Dharma Types, and more!  Contact for more information


Dharma: Decoding Your Destiny  2 hour and 1-day intensives on how to find your dharma, true purpose in life, minimize duhkha, suffering, and understand karma. Truly revolutionary.  Contact for more information


Vedic Philosophy  2 hour and 1-day intensive includes: the 18 disciplines any cultured person must know. Stories & legends. Tantra, Vedanta, and the various paths to the divine.  Contact for more information