The 5 Dharma Types

The Educator


Educators are the wisdom keepers of the Dharma Type family… but they also have a secret…
They are creatures of great wisdom and often great lust. From Ben Franklin to Tiger Woods, famous Educators embody both an image of purity and trust as well as a somewhat scandalous carnal desire. With one foot in the physical world and one foot in the world of ideas, they can find it hard to reconcile their philosophies with everyday reality, especially in their own lives.
Educators are also the Renaissance men and women of the world: they are knowledgeable about a great many things, and are the teachers of society. Whether their platform be politics, sports, academics, or religion, they are the people we trust to uphold the moral order of our civilization. In order to do that effectively, Educators must cultivate honesty, self-discipline, and the ability to practice what they preach…

The Laborer


Laborers are the salt-of-the-earth backbone of society.
Laborers are practical, handy, and deeply loyal. They have natural instincts for community and enjoy bringing people together. Food and family are central to their lives, and they believe  it is easier to know someone over a meal and a drink than in hours of stuffy conversation. Laborers are also the most caring of the dharma typess, and gravitate to industries and professions that succor, nourish, or otherwise tend to the needy.  Laborers make great social workers, nurses, or therapists and can often be found working ‘in the trenches’ with the people they serve.
Laborers can be highly skilled in their area of expertise, though not necessarily well-rounded. Sometimes, their narrow focus can cause them to become dogmatic, hard-headed, literal-minded, and evangelistic, unable to see other points of view. The antidote to this propensity is to surround themselves with Merchant types and a constant flow of new energy, ideas, and people. This allows them to refresh their bodies, minds, and personalities without becoming stuck in rigid ways of thinking…

The Merchant


Merchants are the most memorable people in popular culture…
By sheer force of their personalities, they can achieve great fame, wealth, and social standing. But their charisma and easy social nature hide a core emptiness inside that makes them feel insecure and never good enough. As a result, Merchants  try to fill up on company, food, drugs, and entertainment to relieve their loneliness… however their answer lies not in these things, but in Charity. Charity does for the soul what diet does for the body. By ridding themselves of excess and giving of their abundant charm and talents to others, Merchants are freed from loneliness, and given  in return a source of nourishment that no material things can match… gratitude.
Merchants are also volatile and temperamental, and have to learn to manage their emotions to sustain good health. They are the most likely to resort to short cuts, such as surgery and drugs, to get to their goals, though this is not always the best answer for them…

The Warrior

Warriors are the superheroes and protectors of the Dharma Type family…
At  heart, Warriors are basically Heroes, and need to feel like they are giving their lives for a worthy cause.  They can accomplish the impossible when they have something to fight for, a noble goal to strive after. Like soldiers, doctors, and firefighters, they do great things when working to protect others. Even lawyers and politicians, in the pristine spirit of their professions, have the public’s interest first in mind.
But Warriors can become cynical and self-destructive when they lack a Just Cause. They can fall to anger and pride, or succumb to the ugliness of the world and become self-serving, or ridden with vices like alcoholism and gambling. Key to staying healthy for Warriors is cultivating knowledge and wisdom, and harnessing some of their abundant energy to protect others and promote good causes.

The Outsider


Outsiders are the rebels and black sheep of the Dharma Type family…
They rock the boat of convention, by choice or circumstance, and consider themselves reformers and free spirits. Outsider types are unconventional, empathic, and socially conscious. They blend many influences and traditions into their personalities, and can see things from different angles.
Outsiders are also masters of deception. When properly channeled, this can make them great actors, magicians, or musicians… when poorly channeled, it makes them prone to self-deception, delusion, and lies.
The key to the Outsider’s liberation is telling the truth to themselves about themselves. Responsibility and Self-Respect go a long way to keeping Outsiders healthy and free… so that they can free the world in turn…

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