There is something that you do better than anyone on the planet. Find that… and everything follows from there!

A dictum in Sanskrit says: ‌ Amantram akṣaram nāsti, nāsti mūlam anauṣadham. Ayogyaḥ puruṣo nāsti yojakas tatra durlabhaḥ (see video). This means that there is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant that is not medicine, no person who is born without a purpose, but that it takes skill to find these things, and people with such skill are themselves hard to find! The sages of ancient India devoted their lives to cultivating these skills and empowering people with the use of sound, which they called Mantra, teaching us how to heal ourselves by living harmoniously with our environment; this is called Ayurveda. They learned how to read the starry map of the heavens and use it to guide our lives on earth by understanding our karma; this they called Jyotisha (Vedic astrology). Finally, and perhaps most important, they gave us Individual Archetypal Myths, what I call Dharma Types, to guide us to dharma, our highest good. It is this I AM inside each of us that provides the blueprint to a fulfilled life.

I invite you to join me in exploring this ancient wisdom by availing yourself of the resources on this site, which I will continue to update as time and technology allow. By translating the natural order of the cosmos into the inner order of our lives, the sages of the ancient world gave us a way to live with durable fulfillment. It is my goal to share that with you as best I can.

नमो नमः

Namo Namaḥ!