Decoding Your Lifemap I- DVD Set


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Comprehensive instruction for people who want to QUICKLY decode the mysteries of THEIR OWN CHARTS without tedious memorization and mathematics.

Unique methods help you to:
Find your Soul Purpose, Decode your Blind Spots & Obsessions, Discover your Special Talents, Channel Your Vital Energy, and MUCH MORE, including special sections like MARS & SCARS, and How to Time Anything in Your Day for Optimal Success.

Unlike any other Jyotisha book or video. For complete beginners to experienced Jyotishis.


“ I loved this seminar, was personally there and now have the DVDs which i watch every now and then learning something new each time. Profound wisdom shared with lots of fun and common sense by Sanskrit teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and Jyotishi Simon!”

Juan Pablo Velasquez, Peru

“The speaker in this video makes a complex subject matter easy to understand and fun. He is very entertaining. He gives you tools that are actually immediately practical, which is not common when dealing with such a complex study.I wholeheartedly recommend this video and look forward to other works by this author.”

Madamkate (Amazon Review) USA

“I just bought the Decoding Your Life Map DVDs from the Ayurvedic Institute and I’m so happy I did. I have been reading other books on Vedic Astrology and could not quite grasp most of the information, this topic is very complicated. You deliver the same information in a much more applicable and comprehendible way.  I feel so much more empowered through your workshops, even just on DVD; chart reading makes so much more sense. Grateful :)”

 -Claudia Richey, founder DoshaFit®Nelson, Canada

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