Sanskrit without Stress: A Complete Video Course for Beginning and Intermediate Sanskrit Language Students – DVD Set


Sanskrit Without Stress is a complete program for students who are learning Sanskrit to deepen their Yoga practice, understand Vedic wisdom, and improve their linguistic skills!

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Learn to read and write Sanskrit while discovering the sacred and secret aspects of this language, including

*How to detect health issues using the alphabet

*Special verses from Ayurveda, yoga, and the Bhagavad Gita

*How to pronounce healing mantras

*From roots to words how words are made in Sanskrit

*Verbs and nouns making sentences

Special Features Include

*Video lessons with on-screen captions for extra clarification

*Complete study manual with quizzes

*Original songs for learning Sanskrit grammar

*References for students of yoga and Ayurveda

*Bonus Material: Mantras for Healing

The course includes a 77 page Study Manual and 9 (nine) DVDs (12 Lesson Hours and 1 Hour Bonus Material).

Free Shipping in the United States ($35 International)!

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