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MUHURTA- The Yoga of Winning

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"As the night without a light, as the sky without the sun, so is a king without an astrologer; he stumbles like a blind man on the road." Imagine being able to affect the course of an event simply by changing it’s start time. The Sanskrit word Muhurta means ‘moment’- it’s also the name of [...]

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“Man, who could have predicted that ending, huh?” This, from the seat in front of me as our airplane readies for takeoff.  Later, after landing,  I hear snippets of the same conversation, as I find myself inadvertently eavesdrop on fellow passengers as they await connecting flights at the airport. Some version of this same conversation [...]


Customize Your Practice!

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Some of you might not know that over the past six months I have written a series of articles in Yoga Magazine, UK's top yoga publication, and one of my favorite reads, which I enjoy because it embraces Jyotisha, Yoga and Vedic wisdom in a hip, modern and integrated way. Here's an excerpt from December 2014's article. [...]

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Your Daily Rhythm-Timing Your Life With Jyotisha

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(excerpted from the forthcoming book, "Sex, Love & Dharma." Scroll to the bottom to watch the video accompaniment to this blog) Timing is everything. From drinking water to having sex, the when is at least as important as the how and how much. We have seen in chapters three and four that timing your food [...]

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Breathe For Life (step 10)

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Along with diet and lifestyle, Āyurveda recommends prāṇāyāma, or yogic breathing as a tool to kindle agni, balance your hormones, and burn mental āma. Mental āma is the residue of unprocessed thoughts and feelings in the brain. In Āyurveda, emotions and thoughts are material things; modern research seems to agree, showing that they ride on [...]

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Sleep & Exercise… (steps 8-9)

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This week I will fill in the final steps to eliminating toxic sludge and kindling radiant health and immunity.To recap, here are the first seven: Three Square Meals- The Eat All You Want diet The 5-2 Sugar Punch The Miracle Herb Kindle Agni- This Herb's For You Respect The Rules- Food Combining Go Fast Punch UR Karma If [...]

Go Fast & Punch Your Karma (steps 6-7)

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6. Go Fast Humans are built to fast. Ṣleep is a fast from wakeful awareness just as night is a fast from day. Fasting is the engine that drives Nature’s cycles, both within and without our bodies. Even breathing is a cycle of fasting and feasting- gorging on oxygen and doing without. The better we [...]

Kindle Agni & Respect the Rules!

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 Kindle Agni- This Herb’s for You! We've discussed the first three steps to building radiant health and immunity: The 3 Square Meals plan, the 5-2 Sugar Punch, and the Ayurvedic miracle herb. Here are some additions to your arsenal to jump start digestion and arm your body to wipe out āma. Try these recipes and you’ll turn [...]

The 5-2 Sugar Punch & The Miracle Herb

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1. Kill Sugar The first step to clearing out toxic sludge in your body and building great immunity is the Three Square Meals eating plan. The next is to get a handle on sugar. For some people, this will be the single most important step to burning āma, kindling agni, and restoring health. Recent studies [...]

3 Square Meals-the ‘Eat All you Want’ diet

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Have you noticed how often soap opera and silver-screen lovers wake up in the morning and start making out? They must have very little āma and perfect agni to pull that off! (To review āma and agni, and how to know if you have it, read the 'Breath, Poop, & Weight Test' here.) Giving that first morning [...]


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It’s hard to be sexy when you’re sick. Though our noses are not nearly as sensitive as those of many animals, humans are still wired to sniff out when people are not well… and to avoid them. But the reverse is also true: radiant health is very attractive, to both men and women, and it [...]

Top 5 Water Tips

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Water Secrets, Tips, & Recipes In doing research for my next book, Sex, Love & Dharma, I've uncovered some pretty amazing stuff about water  and how to use it to scrape away ama (a Sanskrit word for toxic mucoid plaque), change body composition (burn fat), and kindle your agni (a Sanskrit word for digestive fire and metabolism)- and [...]

Welcome to

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There is something that you do better than anyone on the planet. Find that… and everything follows from there! A dictum in Sanskrit says: ‌ Amantram akṣaram nāsti, nāsti mūlam anauṣadham. Ayogyaḥ puruṣo nāsti yojakas tatra durlabhaḥ (see video). This means that there is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant that is [...]

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